Drive / Steering

Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) Drive & Steering Options

There are many different types of AGV steer movements and drives. Selecting the appropriate drive and movement for your AGV is sometimes the key element in meeting the desired throughput and maximizing production. Some steering options will give you the flexibility to travel in tight areas without having to modify the facility. The drives will allow the vehicle to travel at different speeds and inclines. Consulting references and specialists are the best way of acquiring knowledge regarding reliability.

QUAD Wheel Configuration


  • Allows the vehicle to move in any direction
  • Center point of the vehicle always stays in the center of the guide path
  • Highest degree of maneuverability
  • 360° movement in any direction
  • Works well in areas where space constraints may be a concern
  • Recommended for use with laser navigation technology
  • Vehicle movement allows for loading and unloading in most areas

Steer-Drive Three Wheel Configuration


  • Used on most fork lift AGVs
  • Very smooth and accurate motions
  • Drives like a tricycle vehicle
  • 360° movement in any direction
  • Develops the guide path to compensate for the over swing created by a single-steer vehicle

2 Steer-Drive Wheel Configuration


  • 360° movement
  • Tight turning capability
  • Allows the vehicle to move in most directions
  • Vehicle movement allows for loading and unloading in most areas

Diff Drive Wheel Configuration


  • Forward and backward movement
  • Works well with tugger AGVs
  • Turning limitations
  • Works well in looped systems

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