Case Study 1

Finished Goods Fork AGVMoving finished goods to storage or shipping is the final movement of materials before they are delivered to customers. These movements typically require the gentlest material handling because the products are subject to damage from rough handling.

Transbotics’ automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) operate with precisely controlled navigation, acceleration and deceleration minimizing the potential for damage with even the most challenging floor conditions. Other benefits of using an AGV System include:

  • Improved safety with AGVs that move in a controlled and predictable manner with safety sensors for obstacle detection.
  • Reduced labor costs by eliminating simple jobs related to material movement, and reassigning those workers to areas where they can add more value to the company’s products.
  • Reduced product damage with gentle handling of loads.
  • Improved material tracking is easy with computer controlled vehicles which communicate with plant controls.
  • Little to no plant modifications/bulky conveyors needed – which represent permanent obstacles and are inflexible for future plant modification.

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