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Transbotics’ automated guided vehicle systems are tailored to the ever-increasing demands of the automotive and the supply industries like manufacturers of tires, compressors, exhaust systems, etc.

Transbotics understands system constraints and develops solutions considering these issues: line-side materials distribution, just-in-time deliveries and unit load material movement. AGV styles used in these applications include forklift, tugger, unit load and custom automated guided vehicles.

Various automotive AGV applications

  • Transport of raw materials from receiving to storage
  • Transport of raw materials from storage to production
  • Transport of intermediate products (e.g. car body parts) in buffer storage in between two production steps
  • Transport of finished products from the end of the production lines to shipping

Easy configuration changes

A quick and easy guide path change is a necessity during model year changeovers. Transbotics’ easy-to-use layout software makes changes quick and easy without interruption to daily operations.

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