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Transbotics’ automated guided vehicles are equipped to handle palletized and unit loads of bottled beverages, finished food products, in-process ingredients, and packaging materials in manufacturing, cross-docking, warehousing, and outbound staging. Our AGV systems support various storage types for pallets, racks and bins including block stacking, deep lane stacking or warehouse racking using automated forklifts.


We can modify the construction of the automatic guided vehicles to be compliant with hygiene regulations, such as stainless steel frames and usage of fully sealed components.

Food & Beverage applications

Automated material handling can be implemented with success in any intermediate stage of food & beverage supply chains from raw materials receiving and transport to and from AS/RS to supply to processing lines, and handling of finished products. Some specific applications:

  • Food transport in less operator-friendly environments (cold storage and freezers)
  • Just-In-Time Delivery to docks
  • IP-65 rated AGVs (Protection against low-pressure water jets from any direction) for outdoor/humid applications
  • Transportation of trains of product from AS/RS to shipping

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