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Transbotics’ paper & print automated guided vehicles constitute the perfect connecting link for the printing and packaging industries and for related manufacturers of raw materials such as paper, carton and boards.


Prompt Delivery

Loads arrive on time at the presses or other critical production equipment like unwrapping, sheet cutting or binding machinery. This is essential in industries with short time-to-market to make sharp deadlines.

The usage of the right paper-handling device for the right application, along with the extremely accurate navigation and positioning software, makes sure loads are not damaged during transport.

Versatile paper and print applications

Transbotics’ automatic guided vehicle systems are highly automated and are easily modified for a wide range of transport applications.

  • Horizontal storage in high-bay warehouse or vertical deep stack storage on floor
  • Transport to unwrapping, sheet cutters, presses machinery
  • Intermediate storage of prepped rolls
  • Transport of finished products (newspapers, books, catalogs, tissue paper etc.) in shipping areas, warehouses or mail-rooms.

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