Efficient and controlled material handling within the pharmaceutical & chemical manufacturing process is critical to reducing cost and maintaining compliance.


A properly designed automated material handling system will meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry’s closely monitored production, warehouse, packaging and distribution facilities. Reduced labor costs, automatic tracking of individual loads and gentle handling of products are some typical goals of automation. Transbotics’ automated guided vehicles reliably move products in pharmaceutical and chemical companies such as are all benefits that can be achieved, while increasing plant safety.

Transbotics’ automated guided vehicles reliably move products in pharmaceutical and chemical companies such as the following:

  • Pharmaceutical products (medicines, vaccines) for consumer healthcare
  • Nutritional products
  • Diagnostic instruments & testing
  • Medical devices & surgery devices
  • Hazardous or dangerous chemicals including nuclear materials

Automatic transport with AGVs in pharmaceutical and chemical industries

For the pharmaceutical industry, applications for automatic guided vehicles include transportation of the following:

  • Raw materials to storage areas or from storage areas to where they will be used in production
  • Transport of products from warehouse to production and WIP buffer (Work-in-Process)
  • Product delivery from storage to picking zones
  • Supply of packing materials to packing lines
  • Transport of finished products from production to warehouse
  • For specific manufacturing environments and special needs Transbotics can develop custom AGVs and systems solutions.

Automatic transport compliant with clean room regulations

Transbotics’ automated guided vehicles for pharmaceuticals are electrically controlled and do not use any hydraulics. As a result, no oil leakages are caused in pharmaceutical environments. Laser navigation allows for preventing dust production during installation of the AGV system.

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