Types of Automatic Guided Vehicles & Automated Guided Carts

  • Fork Style AGV
  • Tugger / Tow / Unit Load Transport AGC
  • Assembly Line, Unit Load Transport AGV
  • Conveyor Style AGV
  • Roll Handling Fork Spreader AGV
  • Engineered to Order Tailor-Made™ AGV’s
Forklift AGV Clamp.jpg

Transbotics Forklift vehicles are designed to replace manually driven forklift trucks and pallet hand trucks. This vehicle can move a variety of items including pallets and skidded items with various load weights. Fork Style AGVs are used in many different industries including aerospace & defense, automotive (tier one supplier), textiles, ceramics, chemical processing, food & beverage, newsprint & publishing, microelectronics, plastics, primary metals and recycling.

tugger AGC.jpg

Cost Effective Automatic Guided Carts are driverless, programmable controlled light duty vehicles that transport materials through designated pickup and delivery routines within a facility. These vehicles utilize magnetic tape, optical, or other systems for guidance and employ various types of collision avoidance systems. See Automatic Guided Carts under Product Solutions for a comprehensive listing of models and features.

Assembly Line AGV.jpg

This vehicle has a very low profile for improved ergonomics and is designed to act as the assembly production line for the construction of various components and products.

Dual Conveyor AGV.jpg

Transbotics Conveyor Style vehicles come in various sizes and load capacities. This allows the Conveyer AGV to pickup and deliver many types of material such as pallets, drums, skidded items, totes and boxes from standard conveyor lines, palletizing cells, finished good lines and deliver to stretch wrappers, unload stations, shipping or warehousing.

Roll Handling Automatic Guided Vehicle.jpg

Transbotics Roll Handler vehicles can be used to handle all types of rolled items. Our vehicles include features such as Adjustable Width Roll Forks, Lift Decks and handle various load weights.

Aerospace AGV.jpg

Transbotics is a leading system integrator of material handling transportation products and solutions. Our specialty is to integrate (custom) Tailor-Made™ Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems with other types of automation equipment and software. We are the most creative, innovative and reliable engineers in the business. So what does this mean? It means that you are working with a company that is dedicated to providing you with THE SOLUTION rather than a product that you have to adapt too.

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