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TMO-BoxsmTransbotics Movement Optimizer (TMO). TMO is a proprietary software system developed by Transbotics that is a supervisory system for control and monitoring of sub-systems and equipment used in production facilities. It can manage AGV systems, AS/RS systems, Robotic systems, conveyors, automatic cranes and data input devices such as bar-code scanners and RFID systems. As an interfacing supervisor TMO can act as an overall scheduler / router and /or as an object transfer and coordinator between different subsystems.

It can also coordinate schedules and movements with other systems such as Warehouse Management, Order Management and Production scheduling systems. This can be done via communication with other systems existing either locally or remotely from the TMO system. The user interface is highly standardized and user friendly. In addition to all the standard menus, it is possible to attach graphics for presentation of course of event, and statistics. There is also an alarm function for presentation and handling of errors and /or warnings.

Transbotics TMO Software

User-friendly guidance software that optimizes system performance.
This software, developed by Transbotics, runs on any Windows NT
operating system, allowing greater flexibility including:

  • Interface with host computer
  • Manage & Monitor Sub-systems
  • Traffic control and routing
  • Efficient order management
  • Diagnostics for easy troubleshooting

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