Year round serviceWe provide service and assistance for virtually all models of automated vehicles. If your system is equipped with NDC or Kollmorgen guidance controls, we can support it as if we produced it.

We also provide service and parts for:



As a supplier of Schabmuller Drive Motors, we offer sales, service and consultations for existing AGV users interested in modernization or replacement.

Types of Motors Available:


DC Motors

AC Motors

Horizontal Drives

Motor-In-Wheel Drives

Vertical Drives


CONTROLLERS (Servo Amplifiers):

KollmorgenThe Vehicle Servo Amplifiers control the vehicle steer/drive motors. The Kollmorgen NDC Servo Amplifier offers a wide range of products for precision control of AC and DC motors.

The servo amplifiers operate on the chopper principle (pulses the motor) to control, steer or drive motors on the AGVs. Encoders connected directly to the vehicle controller are used for feedback.

All of these are of the 4-quadrant type, and can, therefore, precisely control both acceleration and deceleration in both directions. Selection is made after a precise calculation of which capacity the vehicle is to have with respect to its weight, load and speed.

The ACD and ACS series servo amplifiers use the latest technology featuring higher continuous current and duty factor. Designed in a compact enclosure, the ACDs and ACSs provide external selection for tachometer or armature feedback.




The Transbotics Difference

Transbotics has worked with leaders in the industry to determine the best solution for batteries and chargers that are tailored to meet the specific needs of Automatic Guided Vehicles. Through many years of research and development, Transbotics developed a battery/charger solution that is clean, efficient and cost effective.

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